Devoted to perceptual intelligence

Perception creates emotion.

Lifechariot publishes material that is concerned with emotional intelligence and seeks to provide the most contemporary understanding of emotions with a, wherever possible, jargon free read.

Emotional literacy is one of the principles to which lifechariot is devoted, for it's seen as necessary for emotional intelligence, and thus is given the principal place, above everything else, in terms of learning order. The book Deciphered Emotions was published to give an evidence-based, fully up-to-date, account of the core emotions that govern humanity. Over 60 automated reactions to perception (emotions) are described in detail.

Lifechariot material will be written in plain English, as much as possible, and complex issues or concepts will be given in terms that everyone can understand. Lifechariot provides a resource for everyone, so 'Joe Blogs' and the professional can both read and understand the material provided - without knowledge of big, complex and wordy definitions. The ethos of lifechariot regarding jargon is that big words that have complex meanings are best used in professionals circles. That the same meanings can be related in everyday language too. As lifechariot's published material is as much for the everyday person as it is for the professional, the choice is to use everyday language - even though it takes a few more words to explain the subject at hand. This is done so that the interest of the novice is not repeatedly impeded by needlessly referring to outside sources, and a wide audience is needed to fund such expensive work.

The research hours that go into making lifechariot publications run into the thousands. To write accurately in a multi-disciplinary field is very time consuming, for all the statements have to be given the convictions they deserve and that most properly reflect reality. How this translates into the work ethic of an evidence-based writer is a colossal amount of double checking. Then further research if needed. After which the original work is updated before the double checked procedure begins again. Refining the issues involved is continued until the statements fit the evidence-based sources researched. All this effort means that readers are presented with a persistently reliable account of the subject matter. The novice becomes well informed, and the professional gains a solid footing from which to springboard into further theorising.

Therefore lifechariot represent the work of professional writer/researchers in its decrypted form.

If you are a professional researcher or writer, or content provider, and you are interested in an area that concerns perception, lifechariot will always have time for you should you make contact.

Consumers of lifechariot content are welcome to ask questions or make tempered comments.